I believe in bringing ideas & dreams to lifeEveryone has ideas, everyone has dreams, but sadly most people never bring them to life.

If you have an exciting idea or dream, wait no longer – make it happen because it’s obviously something you were born to do.

I believe you can do it.

First. Start Learning About the POWER of Your MIND.

If you don’t, you’ll probably quickly give up on your idea at the first bump in the road, something most people do.

Here’s something most people don’t understand.

To achieve something big, you need to grow into and become the person who can do it and you need some level of acceptance or belief that it’s possible.

For that to happen, you need to understand the power of your mind.

Understanding really is the key to FREEDOM.

The more you understand YOU, the more you’ll BELIEVE you can do anything.

Don’t be most people – bring YOUR idea or dream to life.

Second. Make a DECISION and Take ACTION…

If you don’t do this you’ll spend your days procrastinating, which is a decision in itself.

What happens when you procrastinate? That’s right, nothing.

1. Learn How to Make Quick DECISIONS

Unless you make a “committed, definite decision” you will always be procrastinating and procrastination is a direct path to an unhappy, mediocre, dissatisfied life.

To bring an idea or dream into fruition requires a committed, definite decision because you’ll need persistence. This is something you’re going after that you’ve never done before and you don’t know how you’re going to get there.

It’s a big leap.

It will involve some work because things are going to have to change. If you want to make a big leap you have to change what you’re doing now.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

~~ Albert Einstein

Without a committed, definite decision you’ll likely do 3 things:

a. You’ll merely try. Imagine “trying” to pick up a pencil. We either do things or we don’t.

b. You’ll be influenced by other people’s opinions especially if your dream is nice and big, and they don’t get it. Remember, people often mean well but are ignorant as to what’s possible.

c. You’ll see any kind of effort as being too much.

Remember, a genuine decision is completely different to a mere WISH.

“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it.
The leaders in every walk of life DECIDE quickly, and firmly.
That is the major reason why they are leaders.
The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.”

~~ Napoleon Hill

Make a committed, definite decision that you are going to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes, to bring your idea, your precious dream to life!

2. Step Forward, Take ACTION

Once you’ve made the decision, the distance between your dreams and reality involves ACTION.

To achieve something you’ve never done before, you have to do NEW things and possibly go into new unknowns, and that usually feels pretty uncomfortable.

But I guarantee you your soul will be singing when you do it because you were born to explore and discover.

The fun is in the places you’ll go and the people you meet through ACTION. It can be scary but still, trust me I know it ends up being good fun. I know the scary bits and I know the fun bits : )

How do you take action?

Take a good look around you.

What’s the most obvious thing you can do today move you towards bringing your idea to life?
When you’ve done that, the next step will appear.
That’s all there is to it.

Do it no matter what, because remember you’ve made a DECISION to do it.

Third. Actively Work on Building Your COURAGE

Ah, my favourite word… courage.

If only we were all fearless, how much we’d accomplish. I’ve made huge strides in becoming fearless because I focus so much on being so and it’s been a journey and a half.

In Earl Nightingale’s book “The Essence of Success” he talks about the difference between walking on a plank of wood when it’s on the ground versus when it’s stretched between two buildings 100 feet tall.

Same plank, same distance, but a different situation.

Compare speaking of your deepest beliefs to your family around the dinner table versus standing on a stage in front of 1000 people.

Same words, spoken in the same way, but a different situation.

Both times by changing the setting a new element is introduced.


Fear of what MIGHT happen.

Suddenly there is massive risk. So much risk you refuse to do either.

This is fascinating.

You can definitely walk the plank on the ground.

You can definitely talk about your deepest beliefs with your family.

Fear prevents you from taking something you can do extremely well in a small setting and applying it to a larger setting.

We are so scared of what might happen that we hold back.

This means we fail without making even one attempt!

How many things are there that you can do well, at which you could be successful, where you’d be helping others in their life, if only you were prepared to face your fear and embrace doing it on a larger scale?

How many times do you take a peek at your dream over the top of an imaginary wall?

But you’re waiting until circumstances are better or possibly PERFECT. The ideal circumstances never appear and as you wait the wall seems to grow even higher.

Eventually you can’t see over the wall and you say, “Oh well, it was just an idea, just a dream.”

So… today is a new day, it’s a blank canvas on which you can paint whatever you DECIDE.

What are you avoiding or putting off out of fear?

“Definiteness of decision always requires courage, sometimes very great courage.”

~~ Napoleon Hill

I promise you, if you have the COURAGE to make a committed, definite DECISION and take ACTION, you will one day live your dream and feel so proud – you did it!

Contact me below if you’d like to learn about the power of your mind, are ready to learn what you’re capable of and want to become empowered to DO it.

I believe in bringing dreams and ideas to life.

Start thinking into the results you’re dreaming of.

After all, anything truly is possible.


This is Janet Poole and I believe in freedom and living your true potential.

I believe in finding better ways to live your greatest potential.

I have searched the world to find the best way to grow and achieve your wildest dreams — I’ve found it in the program Thinking into Results.

Thinking into Results Certified Consultant

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