Logic will get you from A to B...Think about your car, phone, computer, air travel and the lamp on your bedside table.

How did they originate?

Almost everything we use on a daily basis is the direct result of someone’s thought or idea. Even the clothes you’re wearing.

But what do we mean by someone’s “thought” or “idea”?

It’s often overlooked that these things were created FIRST in someone’s IMAGINATION.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire,
You will what you imagine and
at last you create what you will.”
~~ George Bernard Shaw

We all have the ability to use our imagination which means we already have in us everything it takes to create anything we want in our life!

Magnificent news!

Yet most of us don’t use this ability. Before starting school we thoroughly enjoyed using our imagination but then we were punished for daydreaming and told to pay attention.

Obviously many people use their imagination to design homes, art, write novels etc, however few adults use their imagination to DREAM of and CREATE the life they want.

In my teens I did not consider myself “creative” and I remember in art class the teacher suggesting I use my imagination. I had totally forgotten how to do that and the idea scared me.

If they’d said, “Janet, dream about the life you want to live”, that would have been a lot easier.

You see we misunderstand creativity.

We believe a person is creative only if they are artistic, yet we are all creative in some way.

Let’s start with TWO ways:

  • You are creative when you’re doing what you LOVE to do and
  • You are creative when DREAMING of the life you’d love to live.

If today you start imagining the life you’d love to live, one day you’ll find yourself living it!

We all look and sound different but our minds work exactly the same way. Your mind works in the same way as Steve Jobs’ mind, Henry Ford’s mind and the Wright brothers’ minds.

Their ideas for the iPhone, car and air travel all began in the same place – in their imagination.

No matter who you are, you always possess the ability to use your imagination to create the life you truly want.

It is just a mental muscle waiting to be activated.

“The breaks you need in life wait within your imagination.”
~~ Napoleon Hill

It’s important to note that we already use our imagination faculty whether we know it or not.

The current state of your health, career, income and your relationships are a direct result of the “image” of yourself you’re holding in your mind today.

We are all visualising all the time, but the problem is most of us are visualising what we DON’T want and living in a state of chaos, not knowing what we want.

If you’re not happy with your current results and if you feel you can do better, then all you need to do is imagine what you DO want.

So… how do you activate your imagination to create what you want?

It’s not complicated so don’t try to make it so.

It’s a simple 3-step process.

You’ll need a pen, paper and to sit somewhere quietly for an hour or so. You already have everything else you need within you.

1. Imagine you’re living a spectacular life.

What do you want? What do you REALLY want?

No limits, no restrictions. Go big.

Don’t worry about the time or money needed, or whether you will succeed. For now, allow yourself to just dream. Remember, air travel was at one point considered impossible.

The reason we have air travel today is because the Wright brothers DREAMED of flying.
Did they know HOW to fly when they started? No.

2. Once you’ve formed your picture, write it out on paper as if you are already living it.

This means it must be written in the present tense, as if it is happening now.

Enjoy every moment of this exercise. It is a gift – treasure it.

3. Next, be willing to re-read your story every day.

Feel that you are living this right now and how wonderful it is to be doing so.

Don’t give up. Your ability to stick to this routine will produce rich rewards!

By doing this exercise, you are doing something remarkably powerful. You are using the power of your IMAGINATION to bring into reality what you DO want, in the same way Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and the Wright brothers created what they wanted.

When you imagine what you want, you are letting go of CHAOS and in its place creating ORDER in your mind.

It’s time to start living the life you’ve so far imagined.


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