A river cuts through rock, not because of it's power but because of it's persistenceMost of us are conditioned to take the path of least resistance even if it means staying miserable.

You see to achieve something big, beautiful and truly worthwhile, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before and have no idea how to do, you are going to need to develop persistence.

The reason for this is that the real purpose of a goal is to grow.

It’s the growth that gives us meaning to life.

But ask anyone on the path of personal growth, it’s not easy.

Personal growth takes courage and persistence. There will often be times when it feels tempting to go back to safety, back to the old and lousy, back to the way things were.

“Those who have cultivated the HABIT of persistence
seem to enjoy insurance against failure”

~~ Napoleon Hill

The worthy goal you’ve selected is your vehicle for growth. It’s the “carrot” urging you forward.

The reason we want your goal to be something truly significant and desirable is because in order to achieve it you ARE going to have to grow.

You are going to have to overcome obstacles but as you do, you will start believing in yourself and grow into and become the person who achieves your goal.

If your goal is small, uninspiring and requires no growth, you will find it very easy to give up.

If on the other hand your goal comes as a burning desire from deep inside, you will find yourself pulling on reserves you didn’t know you had.

Your desire for the goal will be greater than any reason to give up.

“People often become what they believe themselves to be.
If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it.
But when I believe I can,
then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.”

~~ Mohandas Gandhi – 1869-1948, Civil Rights Leader

Not only will you develop persistence, but the personal growth you gain from having a worthy goal will cause you to feel truly ALIVE!

One of our greatest motivators is freedom. We all want freedom – especially time and money freedom.

Once you’ve discovered a way to create the kind of freedom you want, you will never, never, never give up.

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