We picture a world where everyone knows their WHY

You realise your unique gift and live with passion.

You’ll know WHY you do what you do, how you think, what you believe — your purpose in life.

You’ll learn how to effortlessly differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Have you noticed how marketing for most businesses talks about “what” they make, what they manufacture, what they sell, what are the features, what are the benefits?

It’s so tired.

Everyone is saying the same thing — my product is the latest, the quickest, the best.

No one listens to any of it; it’s just noise.

What people really care about first is, WHO are you.

Who is your genuine self, what your values, what do you care about?

People want a reason to care about you.

They only start to care once they know your beliefs and your values.

In other words, people won’t care “what” you do until they know WHY you do it.

Think about every friend you have – you don’t care about “what” they do, you care about WHO they are.

Let’s face it, if you can find someone with similar beliefs and values to yours when looking for products or services, you’ll most likely do business with them.

The reason is trust.
We tend to trust those who share our values and beliefs.

When you express why you do what you do people will be drawn to you

I’ve always believed in being authentic, in living the truth of who you are because I’m passionate about freedom.

If you’re truly being you, you are free.

In his bestselling book Start with WHY, Simon Sinek gives us fascinating, inspiring stories about the power of starting with WHY and the profound benefits of being authentic in our personal and professional lives.

Has this been happening for you?

  • Have you been pretending to be someone you think your clients want you to be?
  • Have you been agonising over what to say in your marketing message?
  • Do you agonise over your marketing message year after year, never certain it’s accurate!

Why into the future.The good news is you no longer have to do that.

What if proudly expressing who you are became your biggest drawcard?

We wouldn’t have to make it up, we wouldn’t have to pretend you’re something you’re not.

Just be you.

Imagine seeing a difference in your bottom line just because you’re communicating who you truly are.

Wouldn’t that feel a LOT easier than what you’re doing now?

When you have a clear WHY your business is different

I can help you discover your WHY, your beliefs and values, your purpose — for you personally and for your business.

I can help you gain clarity and see clearly.

Let’s talk!
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Most people don’t know what they believe.

In fact most businesses owners don’t know the real reason they’re in business – WHY they do what they do.

WHY-Logo-StackedToday, customers want authenticity.

People want to know who you are and what you stand for. They want to feel good about the decision to choose you and your products over any others.

People feel good doing business with someone who shares their beliefs and values.

They don’t want to be manipulated or misled. They are oh so tired of exaggerated claims.

Manipulation is accepted as a marketing strategy today i.e. selling on price, quality, service, promotions, peer pressure and fear.

Manipulation can be effective – in the short-term, but you’re putting yourself on a treadmill of constantly needing  lower prices, more promotions, more manipulation.

That’s what everyone else is doing.

No relationships are being built, no trust. It’s inauthentic. Customers sense that.

Why not choose to inspire rather than manipulate.

Your WHY is how you do that.

Your WHY is inspirational because it’s authentic.

When you inspire someone, their purchasing decision has more to do with who they are and less to do with the product.

It’s equally important to inspire your employees.

Your WHY is inspirational to your employees.

A WHY-ified teamAgain it creates trust.
It also creates passion.

Trust comes from being part of a culture with common values and beliefs.

Passion comes from feeling you’re a part of something you believe in.

If you want to inspire your employees to come to work they need to be clear about your WHY.

They will know why they’re coming to work and will feel good about it.

What is authenticity and how do you create an authentic marketing message?

The thing is, you can’t ask other people how you can be authentic.

To be authentic means you already know.

Authenticity is when you say and do what you believe.


If you don’t know WHY your business and products exist then it’s impossible to know if the things you say and do are consistent with the WHY of your business.

Without knowing your WHY you don’t know what you believe and customers need to know WHY a business produces products beyond self-gain.

Think about this, do you choose your friends based on “what” they do or because of what they stand for?

The problem is most people and businesses don’t tell us what they believe in and they don’t know what they believe in.

How can knowing your WHY help you?

  • We discover WHY you do everything you do, what you believe in, your values.
  • We weave your WHY into your marketing message so that you can uniquely differentiate your business.
  • You’ll have the right authentic messaging to attract ideal clients.
  • You learn how to develop trusting relationships.

I can help you do that.

What clients say

“Investing in the “Know Your Why” workshop with Janet was one of the best decisions I’ve made, not only for my business but for myself.

After completing both sections of the Know Your Why workshop I was left with more insight into myself and my business than I have probably in my entire life.

I realised why I do the things I do, why I feel the things I feel, what kind of people I want and need in my life and business and above all, I gained a sense of purpose and direction. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.

Thank you Janet for coming into my life at a time where I was feeling completely lost and unmotivated and opening the door to my true self.”

~~ D. Evans, NSW

Here’s what you’ll get with Know your WHY

  • Your WHY Discovery
    and your personal WHY Message.
    A very precise, proven technique to quickly discover your WHY.
  • Discover your WHY workshop.
    Click to see:
    – What’s included
    – The benefits
    – What you’ll achieve
    – How it works
  • Express your WHY workshop.
    Click to see:
    – What’s included
    – The benefits
    – What you’ll achieve
    – How it works

You’ll be way ahead of the game when you discover your WHY…

and you can start sharing what you believe with your  customers, colleagues and employees.

You’ll start seeing how successful companies like Apple, Harley Davidson and Richard Branson’s Virgin have harnessed the power of WHY to create inspired companies that connect with their people and the marketplace.

Knowing your WHY gives you clarity and purpose.

It’s clearly a better way.

Let’s talk!
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The Difference Between Know your WHY and Thinking into Results

Many people ask the difference between Thinking into Results and Know your WHY.

I facilitate both programs because I believe together they create such a powerful path to living a better life.

  • They are entirely different programs with different purposes,
    yet both move you into more fully living your true potential.
  • Both help you grow your business and live a better life.
  • Both will inspire you.
  • Both will create more clarity for you.
  • They are stand-alone programs.
  • Each one also complements the other.

Heartfelt, inspiring and highly successful people are behind Thinking into Results and Know your WHY.

It all depends on your wants and needs as to whether you do one or both programs.
Most of my clients over time do both programs.

Thinking into Results Certified ConsultantThinking into Results

Become aware of what you are
capable of doing.

Understand how you are programmed and how to shift that paradigm.

Live your dreams.
— Go from where you are to where you truly want to be.

  • Get clear on what you truly want and your true potential.
  • Create and achieve goals you never dreamed possible.
  • Learn how your mind works and how to change it.
  • Change your old ways of thinking and old habits… permanently.
  • We will work together. I support you step-by-step into getting what you want.

WHY-LogoKnow your WHY

Find out WHY you do everything you do, how you think, what you believe
— your purpose in life.

  • Get aha-s and know yourself in a deeper, richer way.
  • Differentiate yourself with authenticity.
  • Create clear, authentic messaging that expresses WHY you do what you do so that potential clients know why you’re in business beyond self-gain.
  • We will work together to hone your messaging so that it is uniquely you and attracts ideal clients.

Talk with me today.

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