The quantum leap is something you've been keeping from happeningFirst, how do you make a quantum leap?

1. Build the image of where you want to land. See it in your mind and hold that image.

2. Imagine and feel that you’re living it now.

3. Take the first most obvious step towards it.

Sounds simple, too simple you might say, so how are you keeping it from happening?

If you really think about it, it’s in the action we’re taking – or rather not taking.

We procrastinate about the first step until we have the entire plan laid out, and even if we’ve taken the first few steps we hesitate, feel unsteady and doubtful because we feel uncomfortable without the plan.

The truth is we don’t need the perfect plan; we don’t need to know HOW we’re going to get there.

In fact we don’t want the perfect plan because if you knew HOW then it would not be a quantum leap.

To get a quantum leap you must know exactly what you want, hand the image of what you want over to your subconscious mind and it will show you the most efficient, effective HOW.

But how do you do that?

It’s critical you use your imagination. Everything starts in the imagination.

It is by imagining you are already living what you want and feeling that you already have it that hands your goal over to your subconscious mind so that it can do much of the work for you.

I know that may sound hard to believe because most people do not live this way, but even a little research will show you this is true.

Your subconscious mind is your emotional mind, which means whatever you’re feeling is what you’re creating.

It is the feeling of already living your goal that ignites the subconscious mind into action on your behalf.

Your job from there is merely to be WILLING to act on the ideas your subconscious gives you.

It will deliver to you one step at a time the most elegant and best ways to get there, ways that may initially seem ILLOGICAL because it could move you in a completely different direction!

In fact, if the next step feels illogical it is a great sign to take it.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”
~~ Albert Einstein

But “one step at a time” does not sound like a quantum leap does it?

It’s this misunderstanding that keeps our quantum leap from happening.

Your job is simply to take the most obvious first step based on the ideas, people, opportunities that come your way.

You will need to TRUST those ideas and be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE to notice them.

Ask yourself now, “What is stopping me from taking this first step?”

Make a decision to do it and it will reveal your second step. Keep going and things will start to speed up.

That’s how you position yourself for a quantum leap.

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