The Truth About What Really Inspires You & Your BusinessThe Truth About What Really Inspires You and Your Business into Staggering Results

Lead with Love. Break the Rules. Trust Yourself.

Unusual principles that will automatically catapult you and your business to new heights!

The better you feel, the better your results.

You can start feeling inspired and achieve unheard of results.

Without trying hard, stressing out, forcing yourself to be what you’re not, or sucking up all your spare time.

You know you can do a lot better, and it bothers you.

You keep pushing yourself to DO MORE.

You keep trying but it seems like the more things you try, the more things stay the same – or get worse!

We’ve been trying to do what everyone else is doing; we’ve been trying to do the “right things”.

But you and I both know if it’s not happening for the majority – and really, how many people are feeling jazzed about their life and business? – if it’s not working for them, what makes us think it’ll work for us?

Listen, there is no reason you can’t have a business AND a life that inspires you morning, noon and night.

Without working nights and weekends.

Without implementing the latest new-fangled strategy.

From here it all gets clearer and simpler.

You can do this in an easy, fun, natural way that suits you.

What if instead of putting everyone else first and never thinking of yourself, you could give yourself permission to start loving yourself, HAVING FUN, staying in your zone of genius and skyrocketing your life and business?

It’s true, you’re meant to love your life.

You’re entitled to really LIVE, feel ALIVE!

When and Where?

Wednesday February 21st 2018 |  10:30am – 12noon
St John NSW Howick St, Bathurst

Register hereWhat if instead of forever blocking your true dreams and desires, and telling yourself to be satisfied with what you’ve got, you were able to break free, chase your dreams and build a business that feels deliciously good?

What if instead of trying hard, struggling and facing problem after problem because that’s what everyone else does, you could be kicking back doing it easy, so easy in fact that people start asking how on earth you’re doing it.

Imagine people wondering how it is that you’ve got all the LUCK, how it is you have a booming business, inspired, happy staff who admire and respect you, AND you have time to do what you want!

Well, all this and more is going to become normal for you once you learn there’s absolutely NO LUCK involved.

See, it’s not about questioning yourself as to how you can work harder, try harder, turn cartwheels or do a degree or a TAFE course.

It’s none of that.

It’s about asking questions such as,
“Am I enjoying this?”
“What do I feel inspired to do?”

It’s about understanding yourself and LOVING yourself and following definite principles you’ve most likely never considered.

Leadership starts with leading yourself well.

With love as the very solid foundation.

I don’t care what anyone says, LOVE has to be the foundation in leadership.

Anything else is an uphill battle.

You’re going to learn the most effortless, low-cost – most overlooked – proven method to ignite yourself and your staff into stunning new levels of motivation, initiative and innovation.

In fact a business ignores this at their peril.

People will come to work because they WANT to not because they have to.

Your business will change like night and day.

Doing anything different to the masses always takes COURAGE.

It’s time for us to be courageous enough to introduce love not just to our lives, but to our workplace.

Win for you.
Win for your staff and clients.
Win for your business.

It’s time.

Once you’ve tried this way of living, you’ll question how you ever did it any other way. It’s effortless and life will start to feel like it sparkles.

Shake off all those restrictions, limitations and expectations placed on you by society.

Let it all go.

I believe you’ll delight in doing so.

No more “shoulds”, “have tos” and “supposed tos”.


What if instead you could just ask yourself, “Does what I’m doing feel good?”
If it doesn’t, stop doing it!

By releasing all those old and lousy rules, the real you can begin to shine through.

That’s when the results YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED begin to flow.

You’re going to start learning how to trust yourself and your inner guidance.

Here we learn how to use that infinite high performance machine called YOUR MIND.

No more trying hard or doing it the HARD way.

Learning to trust your inner guidance will cause those results that you never dared hoped for — to literally pour in!

In fact your business will go EXPONENTIAL.

Remember this, if anything in your life or business ever feels FORCED or HARD, recognise it as powerful feedback that there is a much better way.

I am going to show you that much better way.

People and businesses struggle because they’ve never been taught this information.

It’s a much easier, simpler, better way.

This is how you achieve more with less effort.

This and more will be covered in this 1.5-hour training,
“The Truth About What Really Inspires You
and Your Business into Staggering Results”.

Book your spot here

The only thing holding you back right now is ignorance as to how life really works and that’s not your fault.

Our education system never taught us any of this, which means over 95% of the world do not understand life, have no idea who they really are or how to get the best out of life.

Also revealed on February 21st is how you can make your changes PERMANENT.

I don’t deal with temporary change… why would I bother?

Why not create A LASTING TRANSFORMATION beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.

You CAN have it all. You truly can. Anyone can.

This information is very different because it’s the truth of how life works… it works for EVERY aspect of life!

What we need is a 180 degree turn in the other direction and you’ll know you’re finally on the right track because you’ll instantly feel massive relief, you’ll feel lighter, liberated and, as if by magic, life will become more fun.

Release all the heaviness, hard work, guilt, force, anger, frustration.
Make your own rules.
Engage in activities that fill you with bliss, joyful energy and excitement.

Who said business and life has to be serious, tough, hard – no fun!

Why would you do it for goodness sake!

One of my favourite quotes is by Mark Twain, “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”

When you find yourself on the side of the majority it's time to pause and reflectIs it time for you to pause and reflect?
Is it time to do something unusual?

The thing is most of us do not know is we’re DESIGNED to live a life we love!

I’m here to say you deserve to live a life YOU love – and once you know how, you CAN!

This 1.5-hour training is going to blow up everything you thought you understood about business and life.

Let’s imagine you can stop all the contortions you’re putting yourself through, stop all the chaos and yucky stuff happening to you.

What if instead you had the skills to decide THIS is how it’s going to be from here on!

And then live it!

No matter where you are in your business, this seminar will give you refreshing new ideas and answers you’ve been looking for.

Getting staggering results is not a secret; it’s a system.

Stop tolerating mediocrity.

Become a leader who is courageous enough to lead themselves and others with love.

Break the rules; make your own.

Learn to trust yourself.

Book your spot here

Let's Do It!

Nothing will be sold at this event

When: Wednesday February 21st, 2018                          

Time: 10:25 am for a 10:30 start until 12 noon

Where: St John NSW
Shop 4/213 Howick St, Bathurst

RSVP: Email or book here.

Say YES to something wonderful.
Book now and I’ll see you there!

Much love,
Janet x

My name is Janet Poole and I believe we all deserve to live a life of freedom on our own terms.

I believe it’s time you loved yourself fully and completely without a shred of guilt.

I believe it’s time to leave behind all those rules, expectations and limitations others have placed on you.

I believe it’s time you trusted yourself.

We’ve never been taught any of this so it’s time to unleash your full potential and BURST THROUGH your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

It’s Time you understood exactly how your results are created!

Janet PooleSince publishing my bestselling book, I have been helping business leaders and individuals embrace change, live more enriched, rewarding, fulfilling lives, and make their wildest dreams a reality.

I teach Bob Proctor’s proven methodology to spark dramatic change in your performance and your results.

Bob Proctor is considered one of the world’s best teachers on human potential and growth. Many would say he is the best.

The teachings are based on over 150 years of real-world experience and remarkable success.

When working with me you’ll discover how to create permanent change and break through roadblocks without trying hard. You’ll discover true greatness is achieved without apparent effort.

I believe the greatest things are achieved with a light heart and for that reason I facilitate all my sessions with that in mind.

I teach my clients how to use their free will because I strongly believe you deserve freedom to do what you love and what you’re good at, no matter where you’re at in your life.

My quest for the truth led me to over 25 years studying the mind, quantum physics, personal development and leadership through various avenues, and I continue to study daily.

I love the adventure of life – it can be a magnificent trip. One of my great pleasures, other than good coffee, delicious food and a good laugh, is a meaningful discussion about life.

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How do you really want to live?

Janet Poole Consulting. Lead with Love. Break the Rules. Trust Yourself.

Thinking into Results Certified Consultant

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