Discover Your Purpose,Feel More Alive & Enter a World of Abundance!Imagine getting to age 85 and wishing you’d really gone for it. That’s not living.
What if you could stop playing it safe and start achieving things you’re really capable of.


Tuesday June 6th 2017  |  12:30 – 3pm  |  St John NSW Howick St

In just 150 minutes you will start to understand what only a fraction of the population understands.

You will start to

·         Understand how to add high octane energy to your life.

·         Experience the joy and freedom of discovering your true purpose.

·         Give yourself permission to go for what’s genuinely important to you.

·         Learn the Lawful Process behind goal-achieving.

·         See how you can get things you truly want DONE!

This is goal setting and achieving in a completely different way.


Most people do not go after what they really WANT, they go after what they THINK they can get.

Let’s get a few things clear…

A “realistic” goal is not an ideal goal.
An “achievable” goal is not an ideal goal.
They are simply not inspiring.

It’s vitally important you have clear, meaningful direction in your life

If you have no direction it’s like driving out of your driveway without a destination.
Which way would you turn?

Without meaningful, inspiring direction people procrastinate and feel disappointed when they don’t get “there”.

Did you know you could be at the top of your career and not know there’s so much more you can be?

Get a CLEAR picture of exactly what you TRULY want… and how to start getting it.

Why Would You Want to Attend?

Proven Methods, New Thinking, A Better Way

“In times of rapid change, learners inherit the earth
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists.” ~~ Eric Hoffer

Tuesday June 6th 2017  |  12:30 – 3pm  |  St John NSW Howick St

Tickets – $25

Janet Poole

Janet PooleJanet Poole believes in finding better ways to grow your business and live your greatest life.

Since publishing her bestselling book, Janet has been helping businesses and individuals embrace change, achieve peak performance and make their wildest dreams a reality.

When working with Janet you’ll discover how to create permanent change and break through roadblocks without trying hard. You’ll discover true greatness is achieved without apparent effort.

Janet believes the greatest things are achieved with a light heart and for that reason she facilitates all her sessions with that in mind.

She teaches her clients how to use their free will because she strongly believes you deserve freedom to do what you love and what you’re good at, no matter where you’re at in your life.

Her quest for the truth led her to over 25 years studying the mind, quantum physics, personal development and leadership through various avenues, and she continues to study daily.

Janet’s outgoing, friendly and optimistic nature means she loves the adventure of life. One of her great pleasures, other than good coffee, delicious food and a good laugh, is a meaningful discussion about life.

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How do you really want to live?


Thinking into Results Certified Consultant

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