Are you ready for a quantum leap?

Is your mindset operating at full strength?

What if you could multiply your effectiveness and get a quantum leap!

Life doesn’t respond to what you WANT.

It responds to something far deeper than that.

Sometimes it can feel like we’ve been trying hard for a very long time and never achieve what we truly want because this has been controlling us since birth.

The good news is you can take back control!

I believe in FREEDOM, that we all want it, that we all deserve it and we can HAVE it!

I can show you how to get that freedom you’re been dreaming of.

Thursday July 27th 2017  |  12 – 1pm  |  St John NSW Howick St, Bathurst

Most people get disappointed and frustrated because they read a book or attend a course but nothing changes.

If you want different results – and PERMANENT RESULTS – then understand that it doesn’t matter how much we KNOW.

We need to understand how results happen. The principles behind APPLYING what we know in the right way — this takes us to the results we want!

In this session we’re going to be digging into ideas that will expand your mind.
Ideas you can use to transform your business and life.

We often want more and that’s a good thing because it’s in our nature to move forward and become more.

More meaning, more passion, more freedom.

Imagine breaking free, getting OUT OF THE BOX and staying out… living in FREEDOM.

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  • Having EXPONENTIAL GROWTH in your business… without more effort.
  • Being a LEADER who others WANT TO FOLLOW.
  • Giving yourself permission to DO WHAT YOU TRULY LOVE.
  • Living your life with UPBEAT, CREATIVE, FUN PEOPLE.
  • Having HAPPY EMPLOYEES who are CONFIDENT, SUPPORTIVE and do their job as if they own the business.
  • LETTING GO of FEAR so you can go for what you REALLY WANT.
  • Feeling CALM and AT PEACE with the world.

What do you want?

The principles are the same no matter what you want.


IMAGINE understanding HOW all these fabulous results are created!


There’s no need to create a life that’s full of hard work with no rewards and enjoyment.

If you’re thinking of attending this event then make the decision to be there because people who are highly effective and achieve what they want in life make decisions quickly.

They are assertive in their thinking; they don’t live life defensively.

Highly effective people step out and bet on themselves

That’s what we’re going to be talking about.

Never ask anyone else what they would do unless they have done what you want to do.

Move forward based on what you feel inside because that is where you’ll find the truth.

If you’re looking for a serious transformation then take a moment now to imagine what your life and business could look like once you’ve learned how to make a quantum leap in your results.

Imagine how ALIVE you will feel!

Let's Do It!

Become someone who consistently moves into and operates at higher levels of performance.

Why Would You Want to Attend?

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Nothing will be sold at this event

When: Thursday July 27th, 2017                             

Time: 11:50am for a 12 o’clock start until 1 pm   

Where: St John NSW
Shop 4/213 Howick St, Bathurst

Price: Optional Gold Coin Donation to Charity       

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Janet Poole believes in finding better ways to grow your business and live your greatest life.

Since publishing her bestselling book, Janet has been helping businesses and individuals embrace change, achieve peak performance and make their wildest dreams a reality.

When working with Janet you’ll discover how to create permanent change and break through roadblocks without trying hard. You’ll discover true greatness is achieved without apparent effort.

Janet PooleJanet believes the greatest things are achieved with a light heart and for that reason she facilitates all her sessions with that in mind.

She teaches her clients how to use their free will because she strongly believes you deserve freedom to do what you love and what you’re good at, no matter where you’re at in your life.

Her quest for the truth led her to over 25 years studying the mind, quantum physics, personal development and leadership through various avenues, and she continues to study daily.

Janet’s outgoing, friendly and optimistic nature means she loves the adventure of life. One of her great pleasures, other than good coffee, delicious food and a good laugh, is a meaningful discussion about life.

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A note from Janet:

I believe in finding better ways to grow your business and live a better life… and then to share those ideas.

I want you to know I am not taking credit for these ideas.

They are a result of my passion and curiosity to understand the science behind how to unleash our full potential, to learn what makes one person happy and another not. This means I have researched the truth about life and it brings me great pleasure to share it with you.

I searched the world for the best program to create permanent change in a person’s life. This led me to the information in this seminar.

It comes from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and the program Thinking Into Results because Bob has proved over and over for 55 years that if you are willing to learn and APPLY this information it WILL create permanent change in your life. It certainly does.

I feel honoured to share this life-changing material with you.

See you there!


Exponentially Grow Your Business… Do What You Love…
Multiply Your Income… Start a Successful Business…
Enjoy Close Relationships… Travel More… Choose Your Path.

How do you really want to live?

Janet Poole Consulting. Better Ways. More Freedom.

Thinking into Results Certified Consultant

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