The truth is most people do not know how they create their results.

They attend a course, learn something new and return to their life feeling enthusiastic, but nothing changes.

The problem is that they know more, but something is blocking them from doing more.

This seminar will explain a concept called paradigms, how they hold you back and how to change them so that you can create the future you truly want.

Come along and find out on Tuesday April 18th 2017 at 10:30am.

No matter where you are in life, better is always available and you’ll find yourself achieving a lot more, faster.

Whether you’re looking for time freedom, money freedom, health, relationships or to gain more meaning and happiness from life, the principles are the same.

You already have the perfect biological software to create the results you want. The way to activate that software is to understand how your mind and body really work.

“Janet is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring lady!
She goes above and beyond to know everyone personally
and make them welcome.

This program is honestly life-changing.
What Janet teaches you, you’ll never forget.”

~~ Laura Cole,

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The program Thinking Into Results is a world-class, proven program that is different because it facilitates a quantum leap as well as permanent change for individuals and teams. Your mind is reprogrammed to create the results you want.

This is perfect for you if you’d like to:

• Increase your income.

• Create more time in your day.

• Wake up inspired about your day.

• Achieve the weight, health & relationships you truly want.

• Move on from procrastinating.

• Live a meaningful life.

“Life can be absolutely phenomenal and it should be.” ~~ Bob Proctor

When: Tuesday April 18th, 2017                             
10:20am for 10:30am start until 11:30am    

Where: St John NSW
Shop 4/213 Howick St, Bathurst

Price: Gold Coin Donation to Charity       

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Bring your friends and colleagues, and join me for a 1-hour complimentary seminar Tuesday April 18th 10:30am in Bathurst.

To becoming more and better,

Janet Poole
Certified Facilitator Thinking into Results
Bestselling author How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

See you there!

What others say

“I started TIR about 8 months ago. Picture a young woman completely lost, walking into the class room on the brink of tears, knowing she is drowning and wanting answers.

It’s true what Janet says, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”… and that’s exactly what Janet has been for me. An incredible teacher and a true source of strength. 

It took 6 months to get me to believe in this program and to believe in my own ability to create the world I live in. I rarely did the homework and worksheets (still working on that) but I always came to lessons and loved/still love being in Janet’s upbeat and lively energy. Back before i understood this knowledge and was still unsure, It wasn’t the content of the lessons that I was eager to learn each week, but just seeing how happy Janet is and her belief in this program made me a believer and want to learn the secret. 

During this period of identifying what my paradigms are, I went up, down, sideways and a little bit mad. Each time Janet was there to talk me through it and bring me back to the truth and this is something I will forever be grateful for.

Janet’s teaching skills were truly highlighted when she helped me in the way of not telling me what to do or what to believe, but she gave me the encouragement and faith to know that I already knew the answers and she allowed me to figure it out on my own.

Janet has always been honest, always had time to listen to my doubts and fears and each time makes me feel understood and supported. 

Each lesson and each day, my awareness has been growing and in my day to day life I see things differently and I reflect rather than react. 

This course has made me think more openly and from new perspectives and it has helped me make better decisions for myself. I’m now on round 2 of TIR and like another student has said “The course is the same, but it’s you who is different” and I can’t agree more. Whilst I’m still unsure of exactly what it is I want, this time round I am consciously choosing my thoughts, experiencing deeper understanding and as of recently, finally smashed through a very big terror barrier. Go me!

Fast forward to today and I walk in the class room 9 times out of 10 at a much higher level of vibration, eager to have more “ah-ha!” moments. Rarely now do I feel overwhelmed, depressed or worried, because I know that no matter what is going on around me, I can choose how I feel about it, how I respond to it and sooner or later be so positive and vibrating so much higher that I won’t even notice it or it simply won’t exist. In 8 months I have become a totally different spirit inside of the same body and I cannot wait to continue to learn, grow and master myself. 

I  want to thank Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher for dedicating years to creating this program and I want to thank you, Janet, for being your wonderful self and living your truth in being a teacher of this knowledge and bringing it to Bathurst for me to discover. I know that I am the one who creates all that is in my life both good and “bad” and my efforts are what has brought me from depression to the driver’s seat, but if it wasn’t for your persistence, belief in me and inspiration, I would never have been able to get here this quickly.

I have been conscious for 25 years but only in the past few months have I felt truly alive and awake. And the best part is this is only the beginning and I’ve barely scratched the surface…

I’m so glad I chose the red pill. Thank you for being the Morpheus to my Neo.”

~~ D. Evans, Bathurst NSW

“Since doing Thinking Into Results I no longer care what people say or think about me.
I am comfortable with who I am.

I now have clarity of thought. I don’t know why – I just do.

I’ve noticed an enhanced ability to listen and process what friends – what everyone – is saying.

I now have an absolute belief that you created the situation you are in – whether it’s good or bad – only YOU have the ability to create another situation.
That makes me feel empowered and free.

Seek and you shall find.  Never underestimate your ability to create whatever you want.  I have absolute certainty that what I want will eventuate because it has so far.  Live it as though it is happening and it will happen – it can’t fail.

Enjoy this new journey and work hard.  As night follows day, this will lead you into thinking that all is possible.

Janet has been my leader – she is so articulate which makes what she is teaching easy to understand because, believe me, some of the concepts she opens your eyes to are new and very challenging.

A lot of love.  So good to surround yourself with people with this – it seeps into your pores and leaves a smile on your face.

Never feel guilty about investing in yourself. 

Thinking Into Results is the best thing you can do because everyone gains, your family, your friends and most importantly you.

Thinking Into Results? Just Do It!”

~~ S. Wells, Oberon NSW

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