Bathurst Goals Bootcamp - September 21st 2017 from 12 - 2:30pm“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ~~ Abraham Lincoln

The first step to achieving a quantum leap is to know what you WANT.

Sounds obvious yet most people do not know what they want.

As human beings we’re built to make big leaps – in fact we’re drawn to do it over and over – but unfortunately most of us don’t know that.

Enjoy 150 minutes going deeper into the world-class program Thinking Into Results  by experiencing the first lesson “A Worthy Ideal”.

Get into easy in-session exercises that help you set the right goal.

Get a big aha about what you TRULY want for your business and life.
And how to achieve it.

Leave with more clarity and certainty than you’ve ever had about your future!

Thursday Sept 21st 2017  |  12:00 – 2:30pm  |  St John NSW Howick St

Tickets – $25

Freedom is likely at the heart of what you want.

You want to be able to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

You deserve to do that.

See, the truth is… it doesn’t matter where you are right now.

It’s doesn’t matter!

What really matters is that you know what you want.

Who were you meant to be?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It all starts with goals but not just any goal. Truly worthy goals.

Goals that have real meaning and put a big smile on your face as you wake up in the morning.

The issue is most of us don’t know why we have goals.

The purpose of a goal is not to get things, although we will get them.

The purpose of a goal is to GROW.

Imagine what it would feel like  to make a big leap in your life.

But that’s how life starts to feel magnificent and meaningful.

Let's Do It!

One hundred years ago successful businessmen such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison clearly understood and used this information to create their life-changing results.

Along the way we forgot this information.

Now we don’t even know that we don’t know.

However, this is still how life works; it’s the way it’s always worked.

We are meant to create the future we truly want and become who we were truly meant to be.

No-one is exempt. Anyone can do this.

You can do this.

In this 150 minute session you will start learning about the following:

·         Giving yourself permission to go for what’s genuinely important to you.

·         The joy and freedom of discovering your true purpose.

·         The Lawful Process behind goal-achieving, in the same way 2+2 = 4.

·         Discover why New Year’s resolutions fade so quickly.

·         Learn how to achieve more in the next months of your life than you have in years.

·         Thinking Into Results – the proven process to turn your goals into reality.

You may ask, “How can you be so sure I’m going to achieve my goals?”

It’s because the realisation of a goal is based on Universal Laws, as straightforward, consistent and reliable as 2 + 2 = 4.

The problem is, most people set and go after goals in the wrong way.

If you want different results, you need to ignite change at the level where your results are created in the first place – in your thinking.

When you do that, achieving your goals becomes not merely “possible” or “probable”… It becomes INEVITABLE.

In this session you’re going to start getting a CLEAR picture of exactly what you TRULY want… and how to start getting it.

There is a proven technique with an instruction package showing you how to create a truly meaningful, exciting goal that shows you who you were meant to be and how to get there.

There is a better way!

There really is, it’s called Thinking Into Results  and it’s in Bathurst.

Join us Thursday September 21st, 2017 in Bathurst.

Tickets – $25

My name is Janet Poole and I believe we all deserve to live a life of freedom on your terms.

I believe it’s about time you Unleash Your Potential and BURST THROUGH your Limited Beliefs that have been holding you back.

It’s Time you understood exactly how your results are created!

Janet PooleSince publishing my bestselling book, I have been helping businesses and individuals embrace change, achieve peak performance and make their wildest dreams a reality.

I teach Bob Proctor’s proven methodology to spark dramatic change in your performance and your results.

Bob Proctor is considered one of the world’s best teachers on human potential and growth. Many would say he is the best.

The teachings are based on over 150 years of real-world experience and remarkable success.

When working with me you’ll discover how to create permanent change and break through roadblocks without trying hard. You’ll discover true greatness is achieved without apparent effort.

I believe in finding better ways to grow your business and live a better life… and then to share those ideas.

I believe the greatest things are achieved with a light heart and for that reason I facilitate all my sessions with that in mind.

I teach my clients how to use their free will because I strongly believe you deserve freedom to do what you love and what you’re good at, no matter where you’re at in your life.

My quest for the truth led me to over 25 years studying the mind, quantum physics, personal development and leadership through various avenues, and I continue to study daily.

I love the adventure of life – it can be a magnificent trip. One of my great pleasures, other than good coffee, delicious food and a good laugh, is a meaningful discussion about life.

Read more about Janet Poole

A note from Janet about this information:

The life altering content you will experience at this seminar has not been made up by me.

I am just a torchbearer passing on this information to as many people as I can so we can all move towards a more prosperous future together.

If this is a mindset and a lifestyle you can relate to, register for this seminar NOW.

This information is a result of my passion and curiosity to understand the science behind how to unleash our full potential, to learn what makes one person happy and another not.

I searched the world for the best program to create permanent change in a person’s life. This led me to the information in this seminar.

It comes from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and the program Thinking Into Results because Bob has proved over and over for 56 years that if you are willing to learn and APPLY this information it WILL create permanent change in your life. It certainly does.

Sandy Gallagher & Bob Proctor
Sandy Gallagher & Bob Proctor

I feel honoured to share this life-changing material with you.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Janet Poole

Multiply your effectiveness… Grow a hugely Successful Business…
Enjoy Thriving Relationships in your Personal & Professional Life…
Earn more… Achieve bigger Goals… Travel More… Become an Inspirational Leader in Your Field… Discover Your Passion…
Become motivated to serve others and so much more.

Be Remarkable.

How do you really want to live?

Janet Poole Consulting. Better Ways. More Freedom.

Thinking into Results Certified Consultant

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